Would you like to take good care of your boat, especially in seasons when you will not sail so often? Then, a tarpaulin is a very good investment for your boat, and at Kalechesmeden we have many years of experience in making tarpaulins for all types of boats.

The right tarpaulin for your boat

A tarpaulin is an incredibly good investment if you have a boat that you want to take care of. It protects your boat from wear and tear from weather and other wear and tear.

Especially in winter, your boat is exposed to the effects of weather, which can cause rust damage, paint damage and so on, but a tarpaulin will protect your boat well against this.

It's important that you get a tarpaulin that fits your boat perfectly, so that it covers your boat and does not risk blowing away or being torn.

​In addition, we ensure that the quality of the tarpaulin is top notch, made from the best materials available on the market. We value quality and design at the top of our agenda, so you can be completely confident that you will get a tarpaulin that meets your expectations.​

Should you also need some frames for your new tarpaulin, we can also help you with this. We have both stainless steel and galvanized aluminium tubes.

For the most part, we recommend that you use an aluminium frames, as they weigh significantly less than the stainless steel type. In addition, stainless steel frames can mirror the sun and thus make "brand marks" in the window.

Get a non-binding offer

Send us an email through our offer form; you will find the form by clicking her. Or call by phone (+45) 4920 1144, and then we will look into your boat.

Find some inspiration for your new tarpaulin in our gallery by clicking her.

Covers and canopys for boats

We offer canopys and other covers for all boats, with unique fit and elegant design. If you are missing a cover for the boat, we measure up to it so that the boat can be protected throughout the winter. We deliver quality work at competitive prices and always comply with agreed terms and delivery times.

Information for customers with trailer boats

We have a big hall in Elsinore, where you can put the boat while we make the measurement for your new canopy. We can therefore make coverings, cushions, canopys to boat and more, regardless of the weather. If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us by phone:(+45) 49 20 11 44 to hear more.

”Thanks for sprayhood & canopy for Scampièn - it fits perfectly"​

​Gunner Riising, Scampi​

”Kalechesmeden have made a great job - good Danish work at its best”​

​Bjarne Johansen, Aquador 32C​

Information for customers with trailer boats

We have a large hall in Elsinore where you can leave you trailer boat if you would like us to create a new canopy for your boat. That makes it easy to get a new cover, canopy, cushions and more, even in bad weather. If this might interest you, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone: (+45)4920 1144.

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