At Kalechesmeden, we have extensive experience in producing delicious marquees for shelter in the Danish garden. And our marquees are not just ordinary marquees. We put blood, sweat and tears into all our work, and have done this ever since our origin. If you want to see some of our products, please visit our warehouse in Elsinore, where we often keep different textiles and PVC materials.

The original Multi-Pavillons are always high quality

We do not compromise on quality, so you can be sure of a great result if you place an order with us. A Pavillon from us is specially designed and there is no equivalent on the market at home, so the shelter in your garden will be completely unique.

​In particular, our Multi-Pavillon has been a part of Danish life since 1973, when Flemming Hjersted designed and developed the beautiful round arches which, today, still create some of the best settings for a beautiful garden party.​


One of the many advantages of a Multi-Pavillon is that it can be put together in several sections, so you never run out of ideas and possibilities.

Here, all your guests can sit if the sun is too sharp or it can be used for shelter in the garden.​

Screening the garden

A Multi-Pavillon from us is not only made for shade and shelter in the garden. Our Multi-Pavillon was developed for the purpose of being used for major events, conferences, exhibitions and more.

Thanks to its beautiful and unique appearance, it is practical and can be used for many different purposes without problems. Want to know more about our products? Please see more at Multi-Pavillon homepage. You can also get a non-binding offer by contacting us below.

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Information for customers with trailer boats

We have a large hall in Elsinore where you can leave you trailer boat if you would like us to create a new canopy for your boat. That makes it easy to get a new cover, canopy, cushions and more, even in bad weather. If this might interest you, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone: (+45)4920 1144.

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