Does your garden furniture require proper clothing or do you have anything else that requires a cover? At Kalechesmeden we can help you. We manufacture beautiful and quality-weather-proof coverings for garden furniture of all sizes, so they get the best protection at night and during the winter season. We have many years of experience with this type of task, and if you live near Elsinore, feel free to drop into our store, where you can see some of our many materials.

High quality of all our covers for garden furniture

Quality is a key word for us, and we value this greatly. Therefore, you can always make sure that you have a quality-conscious product at home if you trade with us. All our garden furniture coverings are made of solid textiles, PVC or similar and, since 1973, we have designed all types of covers and bags for garden furniture to keep them dry and safe.

We offer you infinite possibilities when it comes to covering your garden furniture. If you have some heavy furniture that is not easy to move around, we manufacture a solid covering that has the necessary dimensions to cover your entire furniture arrangement. We never mass produce our products, so none of our products are identical. You can therefore know for sure that you have a unique product, when you only want the right type of cover for your garden furniture.

Call us today!

Looking for some nice covers for your garden furniture, but have you not been able to find the right ones? Then, we can help you. We manufacture all our coverings for garden furniture according to your requirements, and you decide the goals yourself.

Call us on the phone, (+45) 49 20 11 44, or come to our store in Elsinore.

Windbreaks, awnings and other things sewn to measure


Information for customers with trailer boats

We have a large hall in Elsinore where you can leave you trailer boat if you would like us to create a new canopy for your boat. That makes it easy to get a new cover, canopy, cushions and more, even in bad weather. If this might interest you, please don't hesitate to contact us by phone: (+45)4920 1144.

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